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Stand Up Comedy 101 Intensive

Bill Gorgo // Instructor

Bill Gorgo // Instructor

Everyone thinks they’re a stand up comedian. Why? Because we make our family and friends laugh when we tell a good story, or joke, or limerick. Sharing the power of language to get a reaction of laughter always brings joy to the person choosing the right words, for the right audience, at the right time.

You may not see yourself standing in a dark comedy club with bright lights your eyes in front of a packed house. But then again, maybe you do.

Bill Gorgo has entertained audiences and taught stand up comedy from the early days of stand up recognition in Chicago. Bill is a master teacher having performed with , and taught, comedy legends across the country.

This CDRP Stand Up Intensive will allow you to write, edit, and perform in front of audiences, family, and friends, with confidence and stage presence.

This CDRP Stand Up Intensive will teach students to write, edit, and perform in front of audiences more confidently and with a greater stage presence.