Description: Magicians are invited to do a ten minute performance. You will receive a demonstration video professionally edited with a laugh track/soundtrack from the audience that you bring with or a laugh track/soundtrack that we can insert. An MC will introduce you to the audience and you will have a click slate on your video. 

Wardrobe: Dress as if you were going to be on The Tonight Show.

What to Bring With You: You will be responsible to bring any props you may use during your act. 

Who to Bring With You: If you have someone who will assist you with props,  hair, and/or makeup, please bring them for  your designated shoot time. They will not appear on camera. Your magician's assistant can be with you on camera. It is always best to bring someone who you work well with. Your friends and family are invited to be your audience once your shoot is ready, we will invite them in to be seated. We recommend that you're comfortable with their potential reaction in advance. I.e. if they are friends who will not support your performance by potentially heckling you, do not bring them. Make good choices for your audience. (Other Chicago Demo Reel participants may be the audience)

Being Prepared: We recommend that you rehearse in your own time in order to do a full run through on your assigned rehearsal date. The more prepared you come for the rehearsal date and the shooting date the faster the workflow will be overall. Due to tight scheduling with other clients, we will not be able to delay the shoot if you are not fully prepared. 

Rehearsals: Your rehearsal will take place 24 hours prior to your shooting date. Here you will familiarize yourself with the crew, the staging area, and the rest of the clients that will perform on your same shooting date.

Delivery Date: Approx. 21 days after shoot.

Release: A release will be required from each participant that will be on screen.